St. Louis internet service provider Access U.S. was founded in 1995 by Vic Mattison and Rob Semaan to serve business customers at the leading edge of the World Wide Web's growth. The start-up company originally provided the majority of its clients with dial-up service and offered high-speed ISDN connections. 

In its first five years, Access U.S. grew organically and through acquisition of eight local competitors and their customers as other top providers were sold or moved their headquarters. By 2000, Access U.S. had risen to second place on the St. Louis Business Journal's list of the city's dial-up ISPs. The following year, it increased its acquisitions to over a dozen under the direction of Robert Semaan as CEO. 

At that point, the company had doubled or tripled its revenues each year since it began. One especially successful strategy that Rob Semaan supported was a focus on acquiring hundreds of new customers in rural areas after providing their schools with free, high-speed, dedicated T-1 lines.
Many patients come to Fig with questions concerning the company's revolutionary Advanced LipoDissolve procedure. Put simply, Advanced LipoDissolve involves a special lipid known as PCDC administered through a minimally invasive operation.

People seek this treatment because fat tends to accumulate in places where we least want people to notice: our bellies, buttocks, arms, chin, and thighs. Once the lipid is injected into the targeted area, the fat cells in the subcutaneous fat layer—the tissue beneath our skin—absorb the lipid and become inflamed before breaking down and exiting naturally through the body. This process of breaking down and dismissing fat cells continues until every fat cell has been eradicated.

Since perfecting the treatment, Fig has performed 150,000 Advanced LipoDissolve procedures on more than 20,000 patients.

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An experienced entrepreneur and businessman, Rob Semaan cofounded Fig and helped develop its Advanced LipoDissolve treatment. Today, Rob Semaan and his family live in the South Pacific where he helps manage family investments on the boards of numerous companies.


    Rob Semaan has enjoyed a rich history of success as an entrepreneur. He and his family currently live in Fiji, where he serves a board member for several successful investment companies based in the South Pacific.


    January 2013


    Rob Semaan